Lorie Lewis Ham has been publishing her writing since the age of 13 and singing since the age of 5. She worked for her local newspaper off and on for years, has published several poems, articles, and short stories, and in 2010 became the editor-in-chief and publisher of Kings River Life Magazine. She has also published 7 mystery novels, 4 of which featured gospel singing amateur detective Alexandra Walters. Currently she is working on the first book in a new series featuring podcaster and part time private detective Roxi Carlucci. 

Lorie has always loved animals and was involved in pocket pet and rabbit rescue for several years. Now she uses KRL to help spread the word about animal rescue. Currently she has 4 dogs (Lestat, Huey, Phoebe, and Xander), 5 cats (Willow, Merlin, Sidney, Sam and Dean), 1 rabbit (Sherlock), and 2 pet rats (Shoto and Mookie).

Her passions include "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Sherlock Holmes," "Camelot," "Supernatural", TV, books (mystery and fantasy), and more! Her newest passion is anime!

Mysteryrat has been her online persona for many years--it came about while trying to find a unique email address and putting together 2 things she loves--mysteries and pet rats! This also inspired the header image here.  

You can contact Lorie via email at mysteryrat@gmail[dot]com