Sunday, August 23, 2020

Welcome to my closet, so to speak, where I "unpack" my writing for you. I have been writing mysteries since I was a teenager and I have published 5 of them. Four of those 5 featured gospel singing amateur sleuth Alexandra Walters. Most of them are now out of print. For the past 10 years I have been focusing my attention on my online magazine Kings River Life, and more recently also our sister site KRL News & Reviews. Since May of 2018 a lot of my attention is also going to our mystery podcast, Mysteryrat's Maze, which features mystery short stories and first chapters read by local actors.

After many years, I will finally be releasing a brand new mystery, which debuts a brand new series, featuring podcaster and part time P.I. Roxi Carlucci (If you read my other books-she is the cousin of Stephen Carlucci). The books are based in Fresno, CA, and more specifically in my favorite part of that town called The Tower District. The photo in the background of this website is a photo I took of the Tower Theatre in the Tower District!

My hope is that the first book in this series, entitled, "One of Us" will be released in early 2021. In the meantime I am working on sprucing up my closet!

Check out the cover for "One of Us" in this post!

Happy reading,

Your Mysteryrat Lorie!