Here I unpack the closet of my life!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Things Lost

Almost a year ago now I lost my best friend for good--that friend is something no longer in my closet, yet the pain remains. For those of you out there who can relate to that kind of loss I share on this near anniversary a poem in my closet, because of a friend who no longer is. 

Empty Soul

You bind me like a witch's spell though you no longer touch me
I still feel you in my soul, though you’ve gone away.
You tore your love from me, why won’t you let me be?
You haunt my dreams, though I can no longer see your face.

There was a time you said forever
There was a time you said you loved me more than I did you.
You made me feel the love of friendship like I’d never known
It seemed so very real, but was it ever true?

Where did that love go? Why does it hold me still?
Why did you break your promise to never leave?
One mistake? I’m only human—you have made your own
Why did you leave me here, why did you leave me with an empty soul?