Here I unpack the closet of my life!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pink in my closet

First off I need to clarify that I do not mean the color! I have maybe one pink piece of clothing in my entire wardrobe which I got after a friend told me it went well with black.

The Pink in my closet is the singer—whose music has been a constant companion over the last few months. I’ve been a fan for some time but over the last few months I’ve been going through a difficult emotional journey—one of my dearest friends decided to walk out of my life.  Long story, won’t bore you all with it, it’s over and done. Mistakes, misunderstandings…things we should have been able to work through, but we didn’t. Pink’s music has really been a comfort to me during this time—from the tough, party songs like “Raise Your Glass” to the beautiful acoustic version of “Glitter In The Air”. The strong songs give me strength and make me want to fight the battles of life and the more vulnerable songs touch my heart.

But the song that has touched me the most is “Who Knew”. I relate so much to those words and hearing someone else express them so well makes me feel a little less alone in this journey. If you have never heard this song, yet you have had someone you love suddenly walk out of your life, then you NEED to hear it.

And this woman is real! I saw an interview with her on Oprah last year where she made it very clear that she “really” sings on stage--she’s not Auto Tuned.  Her voice really is that incredible! In a world now of Auto Tuned singers it’s so refreshing for there to be one who is not. As a singer myself I appreciate that even more. Honestly, when a singer is Auto Tuned because they can’t sing and they are famous as a singer--well that just doesn’t seem fair to me. You shouldn’t become famous for something you really can’t do! There are far too many great singers out there that better deserve that break. I know on TV/movies sometimes it’s needed and most singers add some special effects to their voice when they record—but that’s different.  

But this wasn’t meant to be an Auto Tuning rant lol. Pink writes from the heart--she is strong and vulnerable and real. Sure she can be a little outrageous sometimes but it’s just who she is and I love it. She writes what she feels and isn’t afraid to put it out there so we the listeners can be touched by her words and music. I also love that she’s different and proud of it!

I think the entertainment world would be a little better off if there were a few more performers like her. Granted, I could do without the F bombs she drops now and then--but maybe even that is just more of her being herself and being real. In that same Oprah interview she wasn’t ashamed to admit that when she and her husband were having problems she needed to do some growing up and realize what really mattered in life.

Thanks Pink for being “in my closet” and for your music walking with me through a difficult journey! Check her out for yourself on her website.