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Friday, October 22, 2010

Lamby In My Closet!

It has been awhile since I’ve posted anything from my “closet” so I’m sitting here trying to think what might be of interest to you all. Obviously it’s no secret that I am a writer but have you ever wondered how that all started?

Like many writers I began writing at a very young age, it’s something that has just always been a part of me. The first things I ever wrote were short stories about my stuffed animals. I created an entire world that existed underneath my house where all of those animals lived. The only entrance to this world was through my old, wooden toy box. Each animal had creative names like Lamby the lamb lol, and Blackie the Black Panther. Lamby was kind of like the mother of the group. She did all the cooking and looking after of the others. I still own Blackie, but the others have gone on to stuffed animal heaven. That’s really all I remember of that time as I was only seven years old.

I moved on from there to writing poetry. My first poem was published when I was 13 in a magazine called the “Young Ambassador”. I entered a poem called “My Prayer” in their yearly contest and was one of the winners. Wow what a feeling at that young age to be published. That same year I also wrote my first song, “I Really Love You Lord”, which was published in a Blackwood Brothers songbook. It was quite an exciting year for this young writer.

Over the next several years, I published several poems and short stories in various little magazines. However, it was also during this time that I decided that I wanted to write a novel. Well I had no idea how different and daunting a task that would be. My inspiration through all of this was my favorite TV show at the time, “Murder She Wrote”. It may sound silly but somehow that show inspired me and I spent many hours typing away on an old typewriter while I watched it. I ended up naming my daughter Jessica after Jessica Fletcher.

My attempts at novel writing were various, including a “Star Trek” novel (I happily admit to being a Trekkie my whole life-perhaps there’s a future closet story right there). As I became a fan of mysteries in my mid teens, I also started trying to write a mystery novel. It was during this time that the character Stephen Carlucci-who is in all of my books-came to be. I got his last name from a street sign and his first name came from one of my favorite daytime soap actors, Stephen Nichols on “Days of Our Lives”. Poor Stephen just didn’t seem to be able to carry a book on his own and has now been the “sidekick” of both of my main characters, Alexandra Walters and Pastor Mike Raffles.

In my early 20’s, I was encouraged to combine my two passions of singing and writing to write a mystery novel featuring a gospel singer. Well the rest is history as they say. Alexandra lives in four mystery novels and one short story. Her story came to an end this year with the publishing of “The Final Note”. Sample chapters of this book can be found in the archives of this site. Ironically, Stephen lives on, and will become the new sidekick of his cousin Roxi Carlucci once I have time to sit down and start my new series.

And there you have a brief history of my writing. There are many more twists and turns along the way-more songwriting, articles published in magazines, writing for local newspapers, and then of course now “Kings River Life Magazine.”

Watch for another item from my “closet” hopefully, coming soon. Perhaps I’ll be taking “Star Trek” out of my closet!

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