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Friday, September 3, 2010

The End of An Era

For many years I have been the editor of the NoName Cafe Book Review Corner as a part of my writing/singing website. Thanks to the help of a couple of great reviewers we shared many book reviews and great author interviews at the Cafe and it was a lot of fun. But the time has come to say goodbye to the Cafe. It was tied to my Alexandra Walters mystery series (it was named after a Cafe in those books) and that series now has come to an end with the publication of The Final Note, as has my old website (though you can view the old Cafe reviews and interviews up until early next year at the old site). I am busy now with the magazine that also has book reviews and author interviews, and with my singing, so it was time to move on.
However, this means I will be continuing here at Mysteryrat's Closet to write articles and provide book reviews, and I have started a new blog for my music ministry.
So you can find me at both of those places as well as at Kings River Life (to learn more about the magazine read my previous post. And when the time comes to birth my new mystery series perhaps then it will be time for a brand new website!
This has definitely been a year of change and my hope is that most of it will be change for the good! I also plan to begin work on writing a mystery play-a brand new kind of challenge.
So stay tuned here and on my twitter for writing updates & book reviews, and at my other blog for music updates.
Goodbye NoName Cafe, hello a new and different world!
Happy reading & Good Coffee,
Lorie Ham


  1. Well, Lorie. Congratulations on the changes. It is amazing what can happen. A year ago I had found a potential house to publish my first novel. I had one Facebook profile and one e-mail address.
    Now I have a published e-book that is sometime soon to become a paperback. I have multiple e-mail addresses, two FB pages and a Twitter account. I write posts that are published across three blogs and are read by people all over the world. Finally, I write articles for your great magazine that I hope is reaching more and more of the valley each and every week.
    I join you in hoping that all of your changes as well as my own will continue to be for the good. However, since the week is over and it is Friday afternoon as I type this comment, I hope to have something a bit stronger than coffee!
    Take care and don't overdue it with all of the work (that was for you and me both).

  2. Thanks-I think it's impossible for a writer not to overdue lol. But hope the best for us both as well.