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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pepsi in my closet

Something that my main character, Alexandra Walters, and I have in common is a love of Pepsi. We both know it isn’t good for us, yet often find ourselves turning to it for comfort and just the caffeine to keep going. Alex was introduced to Pepsi by her father, Rueben Walters. In “The Final Note” Alex makes a comment about how she doesn’t know how the bus manages to move forward with so much Pepsi stored in the bins in the bottom of the bus.

I was first introduced to Pepsi by my Grandpa Lewis. I don’t really remember it myself but have been told many times that I was very young and was reaching for his straw. Not thinking I could get anything out of it, Grandpa let me have it. Well I surprised them all by being quite adept with the straw and that’s when I got my first taste of Pepsi. There was no going back. While it’s a habit I’ve tried many times to break, and have succeeded most of the time in cutting back, it’s something that has been a part of my life for almost all of my 44 years now.

Pepsi has a long history in our family as I can’t recall ever seeing my Grandpa without one, and the same has continued with my dad. As he now suffers from Parkinson’s and has been able to retain few of the joys of his life, Pepsi is one of them.

It actually is connected to some wonderful memories for me including one of my Grandma Lewis. After Grandpa passed away, she was lonely so I began spending the nights at her place, which was only 2 houses away from my parent’s home. Each night I’d arrive and she’d have an ice cold Pepsi waiting for me-one she’d put in the freezer just long enough to be extremely cold and wonderful. We’d sit down then and enjoy our Pepsi’s and watch one of many TV shows we enjoyed together. I remember Dallas, Miami Vice and Moonlighting being some of our favorites. I miss those times, and cherish them fondly. It was at that point in our lives that my grandma and I became more than just granddaughter and grandparent-we became friends.

So for better or worse Pepsi will always have a special place in my “closet”. Alex and I both will continue to enjoy the cool, refreshing drink. And now living in what was once my Grandpa and Grandma Lewis’ house, I have made new memories sitting in front of the TV eating popcorn and having Pepsi with my kids while we enjoy a movie, or an episode of Buffy or Monk. My husband even participates of sorts-though his is Diet Pepsi-yuck lol.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to get everyone to go out and enjoy a Pepsi and I realize it’s not a healthy habit. I’m just sharing what it has meant to me and my family-right or wrong.


  1. I completely understand what it is like!For me, a meal isn't complete without a can of Pepsi. Except my family's ickily health conscious and is always hovering over me( I am the baby:|). I sneak out and have it anyway!cheers!:D

  2. Me, too, Lori. But for us it's coffee. Duh, I grew up in the South! Where, of course, Coca Cola is right up there with sweet tea and coffee. Personally I never acquired a taste for Pepsi, used to like Coke, but rarely drink it now. Mostly I stick to plain ol' water. Yeah, I'm health-conscious, too, but I'm almost 30 years older than you, I have to!!! My blog is

  3. I definitely try and keep a balance with water too and love coffee as well, and will drink Coca Cola when there's no Pepsi lol

  4. Diet Dr Pepper here (and WHY is there no period after "Dr?").

    My character Christy Bristol drinks the soda and it was an important clue in FOOLS RUSH IN. Never underestimate the power of a soft drink!

  5. lol Agreed! It keeps me and Alexandra going.