Here I unpack the closet of my life!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's in my closet!

This is my third attempt at creating a blog and this time I'm determined to keep it going! On the internet I am largely known as mysteryrat-which comes from my love of reading and writing mysteries, and my love of rats as pets (I ran a rat rescue for several years). In my closet will be many wonderful things mostly related to those 2 loves of mine, though it may bleed over into much more as my interests are quite eclectic. My current website is kind of frozen at the moment as I'm in the process of moving everything over to a new website, but it is under construction. At you can read sample chapters of many of my books and much more. Also, on my website I have something called the NoName Cafe Book Review Corner which I miss being able to update so for the time being I'm going to post some of that stuff-author interviews and book reviews-here on my blog. They will of course go on the new website too when it's up and running! So here we go on a new adventure! Happy reading and Good Coffee, Lorie Ham

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